Getting Started

We’ve made getting started even easier with step-by-step video tutorials on how to start voice journaling and being more present, looking back on journal entries and being inspired, as well as, how we can continue to remind ourselves of the importance of self-care.


Record your first journal entry

Not sure what you’re grateful for or feeling nervous about recording? Voice journaling is unique from traditional journaling in that this recording is not about editing the best version of you, it’s merely a way for you to express yourself.

Sometimes it’s easiest to riff on what your top-of-mind issue is and sometimes free form is the best question selection from the recording prompt drop-down. Where ever you decide to start, get comfortable and stay in the present. This time is purely for you.

After you’ve completed your first journal entry, you can freely edit your transcribed response, add a title tag to the journal entry, and even share your recording. Your journal entries are a treasure trove of memories that help guide you between your perception of reality and how you actually progress. Mindfulness is making the time for self-care and allowing yourself the room to feel grateful for the ordinary.


Look back on memories + be inspired

As you start to journal, you’ll find all your journal entries neatly organized in your Memories by sentiment, date, duration, and tag. You can sort by any of those table headers and tap into any journal entry for more information or swipe to delete or share. Every day where you have made an entry should show an approximation of how positive, neutral, or negative those recordings were for that day. The color-coding is merely a visual for the range of positive to negative sentiment to help identify specific journal entries in more detail.

What if I have a lot of negative entries? Congrats, you’ve owned your struggles and you were honest enough to vent when you needed it most. We’ve been trained by social media to only create posts that get likes. Social media by its design is for promotion. Your value is not determined by how valuable you are as a product to the market. Your measure of success comes down to one question, “do the people you care about love you back?”

Your self-care ultimately helps in your growth and performance. Do not be afraid to confront your challenges, reflect often, and be inspired.


Goals, love notes, and reminders for our future self

Dreams are what inspire us to grow. As we become more mindful of the present, certain insights, goals, and moments leave an impression we want to harness in our moments of weakness. In Kintsugi, we have Goals as a section where we can leave love notes and reminders of aspirations that keep us going.

Each of us have a core set of values that define our actions. We’ve provided a rich set of values for you to choose from. Your core values may shift slightly over time, but for the most part, stay core to how you approach the why’s of your daily actions. Select up to ten values that resonate with you the most and as you detail your goals, love notes, and reminders, you can always annotate why this aspiration or moment is important.

In Kintsugi, you can also create a reminder for your future self. Also, when you have completed a goal, you can mark it as done and review all completed notes in the expanded view of Goals.

Congrats! You’ve made a wise investment in yourself.