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We understand that individuals and teams need access to different levels of support towards our personal goals. Kintsugi provides scientifically proven approaches to building mental resiliency, mindfulness habits, values-driven goal setting, and self-kindness.

Choose from any of our pricing plans that align with your needs.


+ Smart voice journaling

+ Automated mood tracking

+ Meditation timer

+ Personalized affirmations

+ Goal setting workflow

+ Calendar integrated reminders

+ Annual subscriber: Kintsugi tee

$19/mos per individual

*Please inquire for team rates

community support

+ Everything in Self-Enlightenment

+ Engage with high-performing peers

+ Community rules of open-vulnerability

+ Honest, caring feedback on issues

+ Groups relevant to your topics

+ Annual subscriber: Conference ticket

$99/mos per individual

*Please inquire for team rates

SPECIALIZED performance

+ Everything in Self-Enlightenment

+ Everything in Community Support

+ Expert therapist session (1)

+ Executive coaching session (1)

+ Annual subscriber: VIP Conference ticket

$249/mos per individual

*Please inquire for team rates