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Grateful for Your Letters

As a Korean man, mental health isn’t exactly top-of-mind. I’ve taken a pause on meditation in the last three months, and until now, I’ve realized that I miss it. Journaling was an important part of my daily well-being, and I look forward to picking it up again.
— Howard K.

I can’t tell you how wonderful I think this is! I’m a firm believer of therapy and just having the right tools available can make a big difference.
— Jenny M.

My family grew up in the midwest and there was only 1 therapist for the whole town. It was terribly unfair and your app will provide access to those who may need it most.
— Meagan G.

You were meant to pursue this as your passion. As soon as you said it, I knew it was destiny.
— Albert H.

I’d use this right now. It is so important that mental health is front and center in today’s environment.
— Trisha K.

Prior to my current role, I had been thinking deeply about this space. A lot can be done here.
— Katie K.

Such a relevant hot topic right now. This is an area that deserves more attention.
— Xinfeng L.

Mental health can still be a touchy subject today but your dedication to solving this is awesome.
— Arvind S.